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Creation Myth assignment-Untitled story

“Beginning? There was no beginning, kid,” the stranger told her.
     “well then, how are we here and why? What’s our purpose? Is there a purpose? I want answers!” The little girl cried.
     The stranger sighed, “We all want answers. Tell you what, kid, I’ll tell you a story and you can decide whether or not it’s the answer you’re looking for.”
     The girl nodded, eager to learn.
     “I’ll talk as we walk back to the village.” They headed east, and with the sun shining strong above them the stranger told her a story.
     “Like I said, there was no beginning. There was just one bright light in unending darkness. It was the Universe itself. That light was like the sun’s, or the sun is like that light, only much brighter and bigger than we can even begin to think about.
     “It’s that big?” The little girl asked, wide eyed.
     “Bigger,” the stranger replied. “Whatever number you have in your head is too small.”
     “Nine billion-trillion miles in radius!”
     The stranger shook her head, “Even bigger.”
     “Exactly. Now, the Universe was everything and nothing: it felt nothing and everything, knew all and none.”
     “How is that even possible?” The girl asked.
     “Don’t know, that’s why I question it.”
“You don’t believe in this creation myth?”
     “Then why are you telling it to me?” she threw her hands in the air, incredulous.
     “Because I believe in it as well.”
     The girl looked at the stranger like she was crazy or a genius. Maybe crazy, maybe genius, maybe both: you choose.
     “I feel like there’s ­a truth in there, that’s all,” the stranger offered as an explanation.
     “Oh,” was all the girl could say.
     “Anyway, let me continue: little pieces of the light, the Universe itself, broke off and orbited around the Universeitselfpulled by its forces. These pieces were the elements. Some of them collided with one another and combined to form water, salt, and such. But these elements couldn’t create life yet, not without the elements deep in the light. One day, the
     “Let me guess, the Universe exploded?”
     The stranger chuckled, “Yep”
     “Knew it,” the girl said smugly, so proud of herself. “But why?”
     A shrug, “No reason. The Universe has no reason for doing anything. Remember, it feels nothing and everything, knows all and none. One dayno, momentit decided to explode. It must have seen the infinite future.”
     “This doesn’t make any sense!” the girl groaned.
     “No creation myth does.”
     They walked in silence for a while, both of them deep in thought. The little girl contemplating the why’s; the stranger wondering what’s for dinner.
     “So, yeah, the Universe exploded,” the stranger continued, “and all the elements, in one instant, merged with each other, forming stars and large clumps of rocks that became life bearing planets. Some carried water, some carried pure, raw elements, some were lava, and some had atmosphere. All of these and more collided with one another and formed what we call home and Earth, which orbited around a sun. On Earth, life bloomed and birthed, and that life, those creatures, opened their eyes for the first time. They had neither body nor eyes, just thought. They were both the Universe’s creation and the Universe itself, and the Universe whispered secrets to them. These secrets were knowledge of flight, how to swim, how to hunt, how to use the sun as food source, and such. The creatures, following the Universe’s instructions, grew wings and flew into the sky; grew roots and stayed rooted to ground; grew gills and fins and dived into the ocean; grew legs and arms and climbed trees.”
     “So that’s how we came to be?”
     “I guess so.”
     “What secret did the Universe tell us?”
     “Just let me finish, okay?”
     The girl nodded.
     “The Universe told them how to live using the bodies they havehow to hunt and such.”
     The little girl gasped, “But that’s mean!”
     “Perhaps, but that’s the circle of life.”
     “But why would the Universe do that? Turn its creationitselfagainst one another?”
     “Because we need fuel to live. We are not immortal. We are not like the Universe; we can’t live on living itself.
     “But ­why?”
     “The Universe has no reason for doing anything, it just does.”
     “That’s cruel!”
     “Look, kid, if weand by we I mean everythingdon’t eat anything we will cease to exist.”
     “Have you ever seen a wolf pack feasting on a bear?”
     The little girl nodded.
     “Is it cruel?”
     A nod.
     “But did you hate those wolves?”
     A shook of the head, “No.”
     For a second she had nothing to say then she realized, finally understood, that this was the circle of life: a cruel and simple thing. Not quite kill or be killed, it’s something that just…is. And we all have our place in it.
     “You get it now, don’t you?”
     No answer.
     “I know this doesn't justify hunting animals and pulling plants form their roots, but death is part of life. As long as we take only what we need and sew what we reaped, the circle is balanced. Don’t get too cocky, though, the Universe doesn't tolerate excess.”
     Still no answer.
     The stranger sighed, “So anyway, one of these creatures couldn’t hear the Universewell, more like the Universe didn't speak to it.”
     “There better be an explanation for that or I’ll be mad,” the little girl chimed in.
     “Oh-ho! So she speaks!”
     “Just continue,” the girl grumbled, “And don’t say ‘the Universe has no reason for doing anything.’”
     “It’s true the Universe has no reason for doing anything, but I have a theory that it saw the infinite future of that creature.”
     “What do you think it saw?”
     “God only knows what it saw!” The stranger giggled at the joke meanwhile the little girl was not amused. “Ok, so this creature couldn’t hear the voice of the Universe, right? It had no idea what…um, well, just no idea what. It saw everything around it change and take shape, the first bird take flight and fish diving, plants reaching their arms high, and land animals taking their first step. The creature was awed and wanted to join in but didn’t know how. It knew it lacked something, but it didn’t know what. It wanted to fly as well, and swim, climb trees, grow, bath in sunshine like the animals on the trees, and eat the fruits as well. It wanted all of that and more, it thirsted for knowledge. The creature was so full of longing for things it did not understand that it began to cry. Real tears spilled overit had learned to cry, to feel emotions, on its own. But the creature didn't notice the tears: it just kept silently crying and yearning (like a child).
     “Even though it was silent crying and the creature had yet to develop voice, the Universe heard it, had foreseen it first, and spoke to the creature for the first and last time.”
     “What did it say?”
     “I don’t know.”
     “UGH! Again?”
     “Look within yourself, the answer should be there. After all, we are the descendents of that creature. Now, where was I? Oh yeah: the creature wiped away its tears with, much to its surprise, a hand! And it was attached to an arm!
     “‘Did I do that?’” the creature said aloud.’
     “It was amazed! It had changed as it had saw the animals around it do. The creature wondered what else it could do. It looked to the animals on the trees for, what’s the word, ‘Inspiration! An excellent word!’ It saw a monkey on the tree, saw how it could grab things with its hands and swing with its arms. The monkey’s leg was short but it could still walk. It was the perfect specimen, the creature thought, but I can do better. And so the creature modelled itself after the monkey and shaped itself into the first human: a woman.
     “‘Now I can flywell, no quite yet but I will find a way. And swim! Can’t swim if I have actual wings,” she said. And with determination and will, she went on to discover secrets and share it with other creatures who became humans as well, men and women. Together, they attempted to learn the infinite secrets of the Universe.”
     When the little girl realized that was it, that that was the story, she asked, disappointed, “That’s it?”
     “Well that’s disappointing. It’s a sucky story.”
     “If you think so; it’s just a story, anyway.”

Hello, my 9-ish readers! (That's the number of people who usually reads my posts). I haven't updated in  a long while, I know, but I just haven't had anything to write about. Now I do: I went to Band Camp over the summer and it was AMAZING! Hope you all had an awesome summer as well and aren't too bummed about school. I, for one, like school and am glad to be back. I recently went to an open house at a nearby University and took a session of English Literature class: it was so much fun! After going to the open house I feel like I have a firmer grasp on what I want to do with my future. I mean, at first it was daunting to be at the university, being, probably, the only grade 10 there, but the professors were very nice and I learned a lot; by the end of the day I wasn't scared anymore--I even made a friend!  
    Okay, anyway: what you just read was my assignment for English class. We had to create our own creation myth (in any media of our choice) and I chose to write a story. It took 3 days to write the rough draft, which ended up being 3 double-pages long and hand-written, and took 2 hours to type out. I feel pretty good about this. Sure, it could definitely be better but I'm too tired to care. What do you guys think of it? Did you see how the story has no "beginning" or "end?" 
    I will probably have another short story out by next month (it's half inspired by Haikyuu!! and partly by the plane in Familiar of Zero). If you have not seen Haikyuu!! definitely recommend it as well as the manga. Speaking of which, season 2 is coming out this month! And you know what else? So is chapter 6 of Kuroko No Basuke Extra Game manga! I'm so happy! 
    One last thing: it's a bit late to tell you guys this but I participated in YASH (YA Scavenger Hunt) this year (*finges crossed) It's is a bi-annual event held online to connect readers to new authors, exclusive content of their favourite books, and the chance to win book prizes! The fall hunt is over now and the winners will be announced on Wednesday, but you can always participate next year! Check out the website here: YASH   

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