Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dreamcather Ch.5

          The morning I met Cara was just another ordinary day, except my sisters were missing; MIA; nowhere to be seen. That was not unusual since they liked to camp out in the thick woods East of campus where there was a small stream of drinking water and usually didn’t show until first period, smelling like trees and earth, and looking perfect. I used to worry, even though they were the older sisters and they’d laugh a good-natures laugh and told me they’d be fine and I could tag along if I wanted but that I couldn’t stop them. I had a bug phobia and a fear of wild animal―all animals, actually, that weren’t dead―so I let them go and they always came back by breakfast or first period.
          And on that ordinary day, I wanted to borrow an earring from Jessa, a handmade one that she designed and created, and she never minded me borrowing anything of hers so I went into her room―and nothing. There was nothing. Well, not completely nothing: there was the bed, the dresser, the mirror on the wall, the desk, and the closet. But everything of Jessa’s―everything that spoke of her existence―was gone except for the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling that she added when she moved into that room, but I didn’t notice that until later that day.
          I quickly checked Tessa’s room, hoping that maybe, after years of thinking on it, they finally decided to share a room together, as if it wasn’t enough that their rooms were right beside each other. When I opened Tessa’s door I froze. The decor was still the same, everything as it was yesterday, semi-organized, sports equipment in one corner and the walls lined with signed sports poster. I could have let out a breath and felt relief for a moment, but I couldn’t, not when there were two figures on her bed. One was Tessa’s boyfriend, and the other was most definitely not my sister, with that silk of yellow hair on her head.
          I was in shock, which usually meant that my brain was scrambling for a reaction, so I did what I always did when I was in shock: I left to find a quiet place to sit until I could think again, until I understood what was going on.
          I sat in my room, my brain unscrambling and forming coherent
thoughts, again. What I knew to be true: my sisters were missing, Jessa’s things were gone, Tessa’s still here, and Brandon, Tessa’s boyfriend, was cheating on her in her own room.
I heard a door quietly open and close, gentle footsteps, then the main door opening and closing. This had gone from an ordinary day to wacky Wednesday.
After a while, I got up and knocked on Marianna’s room.
She opened the door and asked “Yes?”
          “Do you know where my sisters’ went?” I felt a tear slid down my cheeks. I hated crying, it always made me angry.
Marinna furrowed her immaculate eyebrows, “Your sisters? Emma, you don’t have sisters.”
          “Bullshit!” I felt the anger rising in me.
          She admonished me about my language, but I was having none of it.
          “Cussing is the least I’ll do when I get my hands on Brandon and the girl he cheated with!”
          “I don’t believe Brandon was ever your date-mate, dear.”
          “He’s not my boyfriend! He’s Tessa’s!” Marianna stared at me like I’d gone cuckoos. “How do you not know this? She ate with us and slept in that―” I pointed to the door across from here “―room! And Tessa slept in that―” I pointed to the room beside it “―room, which was empty! Everything of Jessa’s is gone and there was a stranger in Tess’ bed this morning with her boyfriend!”
          Marianna put a comforting hand on my shoulder and another to my forehead, “Honey, you’re running a slight fever, maybe you should skip today and sleep.”
          “You don’t get it―”
          She cut me off, “Forget whatever it is that’s bothering you. Just sleep it off and all will be right when you wake.”
          She pushed me along to my room, “I’ll make you some tea. Drink it all before you sleep; it clears the mind of confusion.”
          I wrenched away from her with a scowl, “I don’t want tea, and I want answers and this wacky Wednesday to be over!” With that, I stomped out the door, scowling at a girl with yellow hair at the door holding a large, pink suitcase, mistaking her as the one in Tess’ bed that morning. I resisted

growling at her like an animal, pushed her aside and ran down the stairs, ignoring the ‘No Running’ sign, out the door, and to the woods East of campus.  

Author's note: like I've said, this is the first draft and unedited. Any spelling and grammar error, plot holes, and wavy facts (opposite of "get your facts straight") are  read at your own peril. This is also an (very) early update. I might be updating several more times this week since it's the long weekend and I'm in a writing mood more and more often now. But I might end up being too busy so this will count as next Tuesday's update.


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