Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Dreamcatcher Ch.4

        “What did you do that for?” Emma screeched at me after Dr. Cate left the room.
        “You’re welcome.” I crossed my arms and slumpe onto the bed beside hers. “There’s no need to be rude, I thought you looked lonely and needed someone who’s not a teacher to talk to.”
       She froze, my word affecting her in some way, maybe bring back memories. But she quickly snapped out of it, “I don’t need your pity!”
        “Why would I pity you?”
        She shut up and turned away from me, giving me the cold shoulder. It appears Emma has a secret that everyone knows about but me. I don’t talk, just stare holes into the back of her head, knowing full well she can feel itit’s one of my superpowers.
        After a while she spoke, “How did you get that nose bleed?”
        “Jake Perverto. I hurt his pride in PE.”
        “Perverto?” She turned around and raised an eyebrow at me.
        “I think his last name is
        “I know who you’re talking about,” she cut me off. “I wish I thought of that name first.”
        “It’s not that great a name, and I do feel a bit guilty for being mean, but I was just so angry at him. He said something to one of the girls in class and she looked near tears while she nodded.”
        “In my opinion, no one likes him. I don’t even know why he tries so hard to be cool
        “Stop! You’re increasing my guilt levels!” I yelled as I covered my ears.
        Emma looked at me like I had 3 heads, “You’re a crazy kidwhat’s your name?”
        “Cara Carter.” I said.
        “You’re a crazy kid,” she said again. “Cara Carter.”
        “Enough about that jerk, what bring you here to my lab?” I added a bow just for the heck of it.
        Emma looked around Dr. Cate’s office, an almost entirely white room with several shelves of disgusting looking things in test tubes, beakers, and bottles.
“She decorates it this way on purpose. She’d sometimes even wear a mad scientist wig.” Emma told me. Even the books were covered with cloth and paper that made them look old with titles like How to Preserve Eyeballs and other Organs and 1001 Ways to Cook It, the sequel.
“Don’t worry, they’re all fake and harmless,” she added. “The reddish-black liquids in the jam jars are Coca Cola and Pepsi mixed together.”
“OMG! Can I drink one?”
“Yeah, for a doctor, she doesn’t eat very healthy for the most part. Each jar equals one can of soda and are fresh. I don’t know how she does it but they’re fresh, tastes like it they’re unopened―get me that light brown one, and a straw from that basket on the top shelf, will you?”
I grabbed a Coke-Pepsi mix for me and a light-brown liquid in a jar and a straw for both of us. “What is that?” I asked.
“It’s milk tea. I make them and she stores them here.” She said as she opened the lid.
“Why didn’t you tell me there was milk tea?” I had already opened my jar.
“You want some?”
          “Nah, I love Cola- Pepsi more, it’s the nectar of the gods. Though I do harbour a deep love for tapioca pearls as well,” I said as I eyed the black stuff at the bottom of Emma’s jar I now recognized as tapioca pearls longingly.
          She shrugged and we toasted each other for no reason at all, and sat in comfortable silence, sipping our drinks until I remembered my question.
          “So, what are you here for?” I asked.
          “I guess I had a panic attack,” she replied, looking down at her drink, her tone indicating more to the story.
          “Care to elaborate?”
          She sighed, “You’ll think I’m crazy―it’s been a crazy day!”
          “Does it tie to your rude welcome to me this morning?” I asked.
          She frowned, thinking of what I meant by that. The light bulb when on, “Oh, this morning…yeah, it does.”
          “Look, you don’t have to tell me if―”
          She cut me off, “It’s my sisters, Tessa and Jessa. They’re missing.”
          “What…they’re missing?” I repeated the words, and, in my mind, something was tugging at me.
          She nodded, “And the weird thing is, no one knows that they’re missing―don’t even remember who they are. It’s as if Jessa and Tessa never existed or their minds have been whipped.”
          I wasn’t sure if she was playing a joke on me, preying on the gullible new kid, or if what happened only in fiction was happening to me. I needed proof, I told her, that what she was saying was true and that she wasn’t crazy.
          She glared at me, “I’m not crazy! See, I knew you wouldn’t believe me! Ugh! You’re useless!” She got off the bed and stomped for the door.
          Hey, now, that was not nice, I thought. At that moment, the thing that was tugging at my mind showed itself.
          “Wait!” I said as Emma was exiting the room. “I’ve seen them!”
          She froze and turned around, her eyes wide, “What, where?” her voice shrill and anxious.
          I got my bag from where I hung it on a hook by the door and took out the yearbook I had found that morning under my bed and flipped to the bookmarked page and showed it to her.
          “Theresa (Tessa) and Jessica (Jessa) Catherine, tennis, girl’s double, silver medalists at nationals.” Emma said the words with awe. “I’m not crazy.”
          “Perhaps you’re not,” I agreed, still a bit skeptical, a little puzzled, but the thing that I wondered at the most at the time was not the fact that two girls might be missing and that everyone―excluding Emma’s―memories of them were wiped (which is highly unlikely, like, come on!). What my mind was stuck on was this: “You’re last name is Catherine? And you go to this school, St. Catherine Academy?”

          I had got to get my priorities straight. 

Author's Note: the scene in the middle where they discuss boba milk-tea is due largely to the fact that I was craving boba milk-tea at the time and could not think of anything other than milk-tea while writing that scene. I know it's boring hearing about nonsense things but this is just the first draft so please bear with me.


Chapter 5

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