Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Dreamcatcher Ch.2


          My first class was PE, and at St. Catherine, PE classes are not split by gender. Lucky me, I had, in my class, one of those A-holes who hate losing to a girl. I was about to teach him a lesson.
          We did some core strength training and a 10-minute lap, and then we played dodge ball. I had never played dodge ball with volleyballs before, only foam balls, but I knew how much it would hurt to get hit by a volleyball. And that was exactly my plan from the moment I saw the arrogance in Jake’s eyes and the way he sneered at the bosomed girls in the class. He and his posse are going down!
          I took down Jake’s two shadows (his posse) with two hits; one in the shin, another with a stomach shot (not hard enough to do damage). I’m always competitive in PE class but I can say with certainty that I have never been this serious in a game of dodge ball before. I’d even saved one for Jake, and I’m gonna strike it here it hurts (I meant his pride, not his balls).
          “Jake, you’re out!” Yelled Coach Melle.
          “No, I’m not! That was a head shot!” Jake yelled back childishly.
          “I don’t care, you’re out!” I knew Coach Melle despised Jake’s sorry behind, too.
          “Bye, bye, Jake!” I sang cheerfully. He in turn glared at me as he stalked to the sidelines, joining his posse, who also glared at me but not with as much hatred. 
          The game continued for a few minutes and I began to enjoy myself with the physical excursion when a curve ball was thrown at me from the sidelines and hit my nose just as I turned.
          Jake got detention for a month plus got suspended from PE until he finished a stack of written assignments Coach Melle assigned on the spot. I was sent to the Nurse’s office with an apology (albeit forced) from Jake down on his knees. The sight of him humiliated was worth the nose bleed.

Author's Note: I am trying to write as fast as possible, recording my ideas and what happens in each chapter, therefore some chapter will be extremely undescriptive  and fast and make no sense to anyone but me (and use words...wrongly--see what I mean?) I will eradicate this problem in the 2nd draft.


Chapter 3

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