Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Dreamcatcher Ch. 3

        “Well, the good news is your nose isn’t broken.       The bad news is you’ve made an enemy on your first day of school.” Said the school doctor, Dr. Cate, also Marianna’s mother. She looks exactly like an older version of Marianna.
        “An unworthy opponent, he is,” I responded.
        Dr. Cate laughed, a rich, loud laugh resonating from the stomach. “That’s true!”
        “There’s still 15 minutes left of class, do you want to seek revenge now, or keep your roommate company?”
        “Emma, she’s your roommate, right? Last name, Catherine?”
        I remembered the brown-haired girl this morning, “Yeah, I think
        “Ugh! Shut up, I’m trying to sleep!” Came a voice from behind one of the drawn curtains in the doctor’s office.
        “The meds not working, miss Catherine?” Dr. Cate commented.
        The curtains drew back to show a scowling girl, who opened her mouth and seemed about to scream something but decided against it at the last second and instead said, firmly, “I’m not crazy.” She crossed her arms and pouted like a child.
        “Your freak out this morning says otherwise.” Dr. Cate said as she wrote something down. She finished writing and ripped the page out, “Now, I have to meet with Madame McAllen, Cara, are you staying here?”
        I looked at Emma, and decided that there was the look of needing someone to talk to in her eyes.

        “I’ll stay.”

Author's Note: again, same as last chapter. Some of these chapters will not make sense or are too fast and undescriptive. Read on at your own risk.


Chapter 4

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