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The Accidental Hero

The Accidental Hero

By Matt Myklusch
Published April 26th 2011 by Aladdin
(first published July 17th 2010 as Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation)


Jack Blank is an orphan, abandoned from birth at bleak, dreary swampland St Barnaby’s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost. Covertly reading old comic books is Jack’s only solace, until a real Robo-Zombie attacks and emissary Jazen whisks him to a secret island country "the Imagine Nation". But the super-heroes fear him as a threat.

Review: Spoiler

   Jack was left on the doorstep of St' Barnaby 12 years ago in a basket with a piece of paper attached. On it read Jack.
    I know what you're thinking. This is so like Harry Potter. And it is...sort of--not. They are really quite alike; They never met their parents(though Harry knew who his parents were). At age 10/12 they discover a whole new world, hidden from mortals/muggles. They are both attending an elite academy, Hogworts for Harry, School of Thought for Jack--thought he won't be attending till the second book.
    In spite of those similarities, it was still a great read. I didn't even noticed the similarities in till I started writing this review.
    What I liked about this novel is the great Imagine Nation. I used to want to go to Hogwarts and learn magical spells, but that's pretty impossible to achieve. However, the Imagine Nation, is more possible; Robots, Cyborgs which are known as Mechas, tangible holo-image papers and many more!--we can actually create an Imagine Nation, and I don't mean in our heads.
    Besides the orphan-hidden-world-elite-academy similarities, there are still more. But I won't list them all.
    I very much value originality, but now that I noticed how much of the elements of the plots resembled the Harry Potter series, oddly enough, I found I don't mind at all. Perhaps it's because this novel held some of the thoughts behind a comic book, and I hate comic books. Yet I enjoyed The Accidental Hero, probably because it's more...not childish-y? literate? for-advanced-readers?
    What ever it is was, the author, Matt Myklusch, turned something I not exactly hate but would never read willingly into a form and style of writing that made me forgot about my prejudice of comic books.
    Though this novel can never be the next Harry Potter because they are not in the same genre, I would still recommend it to EVERONE because it is age appropriate and would appeal to all ages.
So...happy readings.
And may the force be with you...hang on, that's Star Wars...I think. Well, it's Science fiction, so it'll do.

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The Legend of Divergent Games

       Ah, The Hunger Games, a very popular novel, almost as widely known as Harry Potter.

The Divergent series.
Legend by Marie Lu
    What do they all have in common, and made them such raved books?
    Have you read any of these yet? You've probably read The Hunger Games, but what about the other two, have you read them, or just the first book of the series?
    I read The Hunger Games, but I've only read the first 2 books in Divergent and first book in Legend. 
    Do you remember how Mockingjay ended? How when you started from the first page, read through half the book, heart-broken alongside Katniss', and at the end, when you think everything is going to turn out the way you've been predicting through all three books...
   The end was unpredictable, and some of you, like me, maybe cried a little, but it was for the best.
   I may not have read the whole Divergent or Legend series, but I did sneak a peak at the final chapters while at Costco, and the ending surprised me, and even angered me. But that night, I layed in bed, thinking of how sad the endings were, and how I wasn't mad at the endings, but rather, at myself for guessing wrongly-- and for crying a little bit when reading them. 
    Happiness always come at a price. Nothing and nobody is perfect.
    Happily Ever Afters can happen, but ALWAYS at a price.