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Creation Myth assignment-Untitled story

“Beginning? There was no beginning, kid,” the stranger told her.
     “well then, how are we here and why? What’s our purpose? Is there a purpose? I want answers!” The little girl cried.
     The stranger sighed, “We all want answers. Tell you what, kid, I’ll tell you a story and you can decide whether or not it’s the answer you’re looking for.”
     The girl nodded, eager to learn.
     “I’ll talk as we walk back to the village.” They headed east, and with the sun shining strong above them the stranger told her a story.
     “Like I said, there was no beginning. There was just one bright light in unending darkness. It was the Universe itself. That light was like the sun’s, or the sun is like that light, only much brighter and bigger than we can even begin to think about.
     “It’s that big?” The little girl asked, wide eyed.
     “Bigger,” the stranger replied. “Whatever number you have in your head is too small.”
     “Nine billion-trillion miles in radius!”
     The stranger shook her head, “Even bigger.”
     “Exactly. Now, the Universe was everything and nothing: it felt nothing and everything, knew all and none.”
     “How is that even possible?” The girl asked.
     “Don’t know, that’s why I question it.”
“You don’t believe in this creation myth?”
     “Then why are you telling it to me?” she threw her hands in the air, incredulous.
     “Because I believe in it as well.”
     The girl looked at the stranger like she was crazy or a genius. Maybe crazy, maybe genius, maybe both: you choose.
     “I feel like there’s ­a truth in there, that’s all,” the stranger offered as an explanation.
     “Oh,” was all the girl could say.
     “Anyway, let me continue: little pieces of the light, the Universe itself, broke off and orbited around the Universeitselfpulled by its forces. These pieces were the elements. Some of them collided with one another and combined to form water, salt, and such. But these elements couldn’t create life yet, not without the elements deep in the light. One day, the
     “Let me guess, the Universe exploded?”
     The stranger chuckled, “Yep”
     “Knew it,” the girl said smugly, so proud of herself. “But why?”
     A shrug, “No reason. The Universe has no reason for doing anything. Remember, it feels nothing and everything, knows all and none. One dayno, momentit decided to explode. It must have seen the infinite future.”
     “This doesn’t make any sense!” the girl groaned.
     “No creation myth does.”
     They walked in silence for a while, both of them deep in thought. The little girl contemplating the why’s; the stranger wondering what’s for dinner.
     “So, yeah, the Universe exploded,” the stranger continued, “and all the elements, in one instant, merged with each other, forming stars and large clumps of rocks that became life bearing planets. Some carried water, some carried pure, raw elements, some were lava, and some had atmosphere. All of these and more collided with one another and formed what we call home and Earth, which orbited around a sun. On Earth, life bloomed and birthed, and that life, those creatures, opened their eyes for the first time. They had neither body nor eyes, just thought. They were both the Universe’s creation and the Universe itself, and the Universe whispered secrets to them. These secrets were knowledge of flight, how to swim, how to hunt, how to use the sun as food source, and such. The creatures, following the Universe’s instructions, grew wings and flew into the sky; grew roots and stayed rooted to ground; grew gills and fins and dived into the ocean; grew legs and arms and climbed trees.”
     “So that’s how we came to be?”
     “I guess so.”
     “What secret did the Universe tell us?”
     “Just let me finish, okay?”
     The girl nodded.
     “The Universe told them how to live using the bodies they havehow to hunt and such.”
     The little girl gasped, “But that’s mean!”
     “Perhaps, but that’s the circle of life.”
     “But why would the Universe do that? Turn its creationitselfagainst one another?”
     “Because we need fuel to live. We are not immortal. We are not like the Universe; we can’t live on living itself.
     “But ­why?”
     “The Universe has no reason for doing anything, it just does.”
     “That’s cruel!”
     “Look, kid, if weand by we I mean everythingdon’t eat anything we will cease to exist.”
     “Have you ever seen a wolf pack feasting on a bear?”
     The little girl nodded.
     “Is it cruel?”
     A nod.
     “But did you hate those wolves?”
     A shook of the head, “No.”
     For a second she had nothing to say then she realized, finally understood, that this was the circle of life: a cruel and simple thing. Not quite kill or be killed, it’s something that just…is. And we all have our place in it.
     “You get it now, don’t you?”
     No answer.
     “I know this doesn't justify hunting animals and pulling plants form their roots, but death is part of life. As long as we take only what we need and sew what we reaped, the circle is balanced. Don’t get too cocky, though, the Universe doesn't tolerate excess.”
     Still no answer.
     The stranger sighed, “So anyway, one of these creatures couldn’t hear the Universewell, more like the Universe didn't speak to it.”
     “There better be an explanation for that or I’ll be mad,” the little girl chimed in.
     “Oh-ho! So she speaks!”
     “Just continue,” the girl grumbled, “And don’t say ‘the Universe has no reason for doing anything.’”
     “It’s true the Universe has no reason for doing anything, but I have a theory that it saw the infinite future of that creature.”
     “What do you think it saw?”
     “God only knows what it saw!” The stranger giggled at the joke meanwhile the little girl was not amused. “Ok, so this creature couldn’t hear the voice of the Universe, right? It had no idea what…um, well, just no idea what. It saw everything around it change and take shape, the first bird take flight and fish diving, plants reaching their arms high, and land animals taking their first step. The creature was awed and wanted to join in but didn’t know how. It knew it lacked something, but it didn’t know what. It wanted to fly as well, and swim, climb trees, grow, bath in sunshine like the animals on the trees, and eat the fruits as well. It wanted all of that and more, it thirsted for knowledge. The creature was so full of longing for things it did not understand that it began to cry. Real tears spilled overit had learned to cry, to feel emotions, on its own. But the creature didn't notice the tears: it just kept silently crying and yearning (like a child).
     “Even though it was silent crying and the creature had yet to develop voice, the Universe heard it, had foreseen it first, and spoke to the creature for the first and last time.”
     “What did it say?”
     “I don’t know.”
     “UGH! Again?”
     “Look within yourself, the answer should be there. After all, we are the descendents of that creature. Now, where was I? Oh yeah: the creature wiped away its tears with, much to its surprise, a hand! And it was attached to an arm!
     “‘Did I do that?’” the creature said aloud.’
     “It was amazed! It had changed as it had saw the animals around it do. The creature wondered what else it could do. It looked to the animals on the trees for, what’s the word, ‘Inspiration! An excellent word!’ It saw a monkey on the tree, saw how it could grab things with its hands and swing with its arms. The monkey’s leg was short but it could still walk. It was the perfect specimen, the creature thought, but I can do better. And so the creature modelled itself after the monkey and shaped itself into the first human: a woman.
     “‘Now I can flywell, no quite yet but I will find a way. And swim! Can’t swim if I have actual wings,” she said. And with determination and will, she went on to discover secrets and share it with other creatures who became humans as well, men and women. Together, they attempted to learn the infinite secrets of the Universe.”
     When the little girl realized that was it, that that was the story, she asked, disappointed, “That’s it?”
     “Well that’s disappointing. It’s a sucky story.”
     “If you think so; it’s just a story, anyway.”

Hello, my 9-ish readers! (That's the number of people who usually reads my posts). I haven't updated in  a long while, I know, but I just haven't had anything to write about. Now I do: I went to Band Camp over the summer and it was AMAZING! Hope you all had an awesome summer as well and aren't too bummed about school. I, for one, like school and am glad to be back. I recently went to an open house at a nearby University and took a session of English Literature class: it was so much fun! After going to the open house I feel like I have a firmer grasp on what I want to do with my future. I mean, at first it was daunting to be at the university, being, probably, the only grade 10 there, but the professors were very nice and I learned a lot; by the end of the day I wasn't scared anymore--I even made a friend!  
    Okay, anyway: what you just read was my assignment for English class. We had to create our own creation myth (in any media of our choice) and I chose to write a story. It took 3 days to write the rough draft, which ended up being 3 double-pages long and hand-written, and took 2 hours to type out. I feel pretty good about this. Sure, it could definitely be better but I'm too tired to care. What do you guys think of it? Did you see how the story has no "beginning" or "end?" 
    I will probably have another short story out by next month (it's half inspired by Haikyuu!! and partly by the plane in Familiar of Zero). If you have not seen Haikyuu!! definitely recommend it as well as the manga. Speaking of which, season 2 is coming out this month! And you know what else? So is chapter 6 of Kuroko No Basuke Extra Game manga! I'm so happy! 
    One last thing: it's a bit late to tell you guys this but I participated in YASH (YA Scavenger Hunt) this year (*finges crossed) It's is a bi-annual event held online to connect readers to new authors, exclusive content of their favourite books, and the chance to win book prizes! The fall hunt is over now and the winners will be announced on Wednesday, but you can always participate next year! Check out the website here: YASH   

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Dreamcather Ch.5

          The morning I met Cara was just another ordinary day, except my sisters were missing; MIA; nowhere to be seen. That was not unusual since they liked to camp out in the thick woods East of campus where there was a small stream of drinking water and usually didn’t show until first period, smelling like trees and earth, and looking perfect. I used to worry, even though they were the older sisters and they’d laugh a good-natures laugh and told me they’d be fine and I could tag along if I wanted but that I couldn’t stop them. I had a bug phobia and a fear of wild animal―all animals, actually, that weren’t dead―so I let them go and they always came back by breakfast or first period.
          And on that ordinary day, I wanted to borrow an earring from Jessa, a handmade one that she designed and created, and she never minded me borrowing anything of hers so I went into her room―and nothing. There was nothing. Well, not completely nothing: there was the bed, the dresser, the mirror on the wall, the desk, and the closet. But everything of Jessa’s―everything that spoke of her existence―was gone except for the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling that she added when she moved into that room, but I didn’t notice that until later that day.
          I quickly checked Tessa’s room, hoping that maybe, after years of thinking on it, they finally decided to share a room together, as if it wasn’t enough that their rooms were right beside each other. When I opened Tessa’s door I froze. The decor was still the same, everything as it was yesterday, semi-organized, sports equipment in one corner and the walls lined with signed sports poster. I could have let out a breath and felt relief for a moment, but I couldn’t, not when there were two figures on her bed. One was Tessa’s boyfriend, and the other was most definitely not my sister, with that silk of yellow hair on her head.
          I was in shock, which usually meant that my brain was scrambling for a reaction, so I did what I always did when I was in shock: I left to find a quiet place to sit until I could think again, until I understood what was going on.
          I sat in my room, my brain unscrambling and forming coherent
thoughts, again. What I knew to be true: my sisters were missing, Jessa’s things were gone, Tessa’s still here, and Brandon, Tessa’s boyfriend, was cheating on her in her own room.
I heard a door quietly open and close, gentle footsteps, then the main door opening and closing. This had gone from an ordinary day to wacky Wednesday.
After a while, I got up and knocked on Marianna’s room.
She opened the door and asked “Yes?”
          “Do you know where my sisters’ went?” I felt a tear slid down my cheeks. I hated crying, it always made me angry.
Marinna furrowed her immaculate eyebrows, “Your sisters? Emma, you don’t have sisters.”
          “Bullshit!” I felt the anger rising in me.
          She admonished me about my language, but I was having none of it.
          “Cussing is the least I’ll do when I get my hands on Brandon and the girl he cheated with!”
          “I don’t believe Brandon was ever your date-mate, dear.”
          “He’s not my boyfriend! He’s Tessa’s!” Marianna stared at me like I’d gone cuckoos. “How do you not know this? She ate with us and slept in that―” I pointed to the door across from here “―room! And Tessa slept in that―” I pointed to the room beside it “―room, which was empty! Everything of Jessa’s is gone and there was a stranger in Tess’ bed this morning with her boyfriend!”
          Marianna put a comforting hand on my shoulder and another to my forehead, “Honey, you’re running a slight fever, maybe you should skip today and sleep.”
          “You don’t get it―”
          She cut me off, “Forget whatever it is that’s bothering you. Just sleep it off and all will be right when you wake.”
          She pushed me along to my room, “I’ll make you some tea. Drink it all before you sleep; it clears the mind of confusion.”
          I wrenched away from her with a scowl, “I don’t want tea, and I want answers and this wacky Wednesday to be over!” With that, I stomped out the door, scowling at a girl with yellow hair at the door holding a large, pink suitcase, mistaking her as the one in Tess’ bed that morning. I resisted

growling at her like an animal, pushed her aside and ran down the stairs, ignoring the ‘No Running’ sign, out the door, and to the woods East of campus.  

Author's note: like I've said, this is the first draft and unedited. Any spelling and grammar error, plot holes, and wavy facts (opposite of "get your facts straight") are  read at your own peril. This is also an (very) early update. I might be updating several more times this week since it's the long weekend and I'm in a writing mood more and more often now. But I might end up being too busy so this will count as next Tuesday's update.


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Dreamcatcher Ch.4

        “What did you do that for?” Emma screeched at me after Dr. Cate left the room.
        “You’re welcome.” I crossed my arms and slumpe onto the bed beside hers. “There’s no need to be rude, I thought you looked lonely and needed someone who’s not a teacher to talk to.”
       She froze, my word affecting her in some way, maybe bring back memories. But she quickly snapped out of it, “I don’t need your pity!”
        “Why would I pity you?”
        She shut up and turned away from me, giving me the cold shoulder. It appears Emma has a secret that everyone knows about but me. I don’t talk, just stare holes into the back of her head, knowing full well she can feel itit’s one of my superpowers.
        After a while she spoke, “How did you get that nose bleed?”
        “Jake Perverto. I hurt his pride in PE.”
        “Perverto?” She turned around and raised an eyebrow at me.
        “I think his last name is
        “I know who you’re talking about,” she cut me off. “I wish I thought of that name first.”
        “It’s not that great a name, and I do feel a bit guilty for being mean, but I was just so angry at him. He said something to one of the girls in class and she looked near tears while she nodded.”
        “In my opinion, no one likes him. I don’t even know why he tries so hard to be cool
        “Stop! You’re increasing my guilt levels!” I yelled as I covered my ears.
        Emma looked at me like I had 3 heads, “You’re a crazy kidwhat’s your name?”
        “Cara Carter.” I said.
        “You’re a crazy kid,” she said again. “Cara Carter.”
        “Enough about that jerk, what bring you here to my lab?” I added a bow just for the heck of it.
        Emma looked around Dr. Cate’s office, an almost entirely white room with several shelves of disgusting looking things in test tubes, beakers, and bottles.
“She decorates it this way on purpose. She’d sometimes even wear a mad scientist wig.” Emma told me. Even the books were covered with cloth and paper that made them look old with titles like How to Preserve Eyeballs and other Organs and 1001 Ways to Cook It, the sequel.
“Don’t worry, they’re all fake and harmless,” she added. “The reddish-black liquids in the jam jars are Coca Cola and Pepsi mixed together.”
“OMG! Can I drink one?”
“Yeah, for a doctor, she doesn’t eat very healthy for the most part. Each jar equals one can of soda and are fresh. I don’t know how she does it but they’re fresh, tastes like it they’re unopened―get me that light brown one, and a straw from that basket on the top shelf, will you?”
I grabbed a Coke-Pepsi mix for me and a light-brown liquid in a jar and a straw for both of us. “What is that?” I asked.
“It’s milk tea. I make them and she stores them here.” She said as she opened the lid.
“Why didn’t you tell me there was milk tea?” I had already opened my jar.
“You want some?”
          “Nah, I love Cola- Pepsi more, it’s the nectar of the gods. Though I do harbour a deep love for tapioca pearls as well,” I said as I eyed the black stuff at the bottom of Emma’s jar I now recognized as tapioca pearls longingly.
          She shrugged and we toasted each other for no reason at all, and sat in comfortable silence, sipping our drinks until I remembered my question.
          “So, what are you here for?” I asked.
          “I guess I had a panic attack,” she replied, looking down at her drink, her tone indicating more to the story.
          “Care to elaborate?”
          She sighed, “You’ll think I’m crazy―it’s been a crazy day!”
          “Does it tie to your rude welcome to me this morning?” I asked.
          She frowned, thinking of what I meant by that. The light bulb when on, “Oh, this morning…yeah, it does.”
          “Look, you don’t have to tell me if―”
          She cut me off, “It’s my sisters, Tessa and Jessa. They’re missing.”
          “What…they’re missing?” I repeated the words, and, in my mind, something was tugging at me.
          She nodded, “And the weird thing is, no one knows that they’re missing―don’t even remember who they are. It’s as if Jessa and Tessa never existed or their minds have been whipped.”
          I wasn’t sure if she was playing a joke on me, preying on the gullible new kid, or if what happened only in fiction was happening to me. I needed proof, I told her, that what she was saying was true and that she wasn’t crazy.
          She glared at me, “I’m not crazy! See, I knew you wouldn’t believe me! Ugh! You’re useless!” She got off the bed and stomped for the door.
          Hey, now, that was not nice, I thought. At that moment, the thing that was tugging at my mind showed itself.
          “Wait!” I said as Emma was exiting the room. “I’ve seen them!”
          She froze and turned around, her eyes wide, “What, where?” her voice shrill and anxious.
          I got my bag from where I hung it on a hook by the door and took out the yearbook I had found that morning under my bed and flipped to the bookmarked page and showed it to her.
          “Theresa (Tessa) and Jessica (Jessa) Catherine, tennis, girl’s double, silver medalists at nationals.” Emma said the words with awe. “I’m not crazy.”
          “Perhaps you’re not,” I agreed, still a bit skeptical, a little puzzled, but the thing that I wondered at the most at the time was not the fact that two girls might be missing and that everyone―excluding Emma’s―memories of them were wiped (which is highly unlikely, like, come on!). What my mind was stuck on was this: “You’re last name is Catherine? And you go to this school, St. Catherine Academy?”

          I had got to get my priorities straight. 

Author's Note: the scene in the middle where they discuss boba milk-tea is due largely to the fact that I was craving boba milk-tea at the time and could not think of anything other than milk-tea while writing that scene. I know it's boring hearing about nonsense things but this is just the first draft so please bear with me.


Chapter 5

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Dreamcatcher Ch. 3

        “Well, the good news is your nose isn’t broken.       The bad news is you’ve made an enemy on your first day of school.” Said the school doctor, Dr. Cate, also Marianna’s mother. She looks exactly like an older version of Marianna.
        “An unworthy opponent, he is,” I responded.
        Dr. Cate laughed, a rich, loud laugh resonating from the stomach. “That’s true!”
        “There’s still 15 minutes left of class, do you want to seek revenge now, or keep your roommate company?”
        “Emma, she’s your roommate, right? Last name, Catherine?”
        I remembered the brown-haired girl this morning, “Yeah, I think
        “Ugh! Shut up, I’m trying to sleep!” Came a voice from behind one of the drawn curtains in the doctor’s office.
        “The meds not working, miss Catherine?” Dr. Cate commented.
        The curtains drew back to show a scowling girl, who opened her mouth and seemed about to scream something but decided against it at the last second and instead said, firmly, “I’m not crazy.” She crossed her arms and pouted like a child.
        “Your freak out this morning says otherwise.” Dr. Cate said as she wrote something down. She finished writing and ripped the page out, “Now, I have to meet with Madame McAllen, Cara, are you staying here?”
        I looked at Emma, and decided that there was the look of needing someone to talk to in her eyes.

        “I’ll stay.”

Author's Note: again, same as last chapter. Some of these chapters will not make sense or are too fast and undescriptive. Read on at your own risk.


Chapter 4

Dreamcatcher Ch.2


          My first class was PE, and at St. Catherine, PE classes are not split by gender. Lucky me, I had, in my class, one of those A-holes who hate losing to a girl. I was about to teach him a lesson.
          We did some core strength training and a 10-minute lap, and then we played dodge ball. I had never played dodge ball with volleyballs before, only foam balls, but I knew how much it would hurt to get hit by a volleyball. And that was exactly my plan from the moment I saw the arrogance in Jake’s eyes and the way he sneered at the bosomed girls in the class. He and his posse are going down!
          I took down Jake’s two shadows (his posse) with two hits; one in the shin, another with a stomach shot (not hard enough to do damage). I’m always competitive in PE class but I can say with certainty that I have never been this serious in a game of dodge ball before. I’d even saved one for Jake, and I’m gonna strike it here it hurts (I meant his pride, not his balls).
          “Jake, you’re out!” Yelled Coach Melle.
          “No, I’m not! That was a head shot!” Jake yelled back childishly.
          “I don’t care, you’re out!” I knew Coach Melle despised Jake’s sorry behind, too.
          “Bye, bye, Jake!” I sang cheerfully. He in turn glared at me as he stalked to the sidelines, joining his posse, who also glared at me but not with as much hatred. 
          The game continued for a few minutes and I began to enjoy myself with the physical excursion when a curve ball was thrown at me from the sidelines and hit my nose just as I turned.
          Jake got detention for a month plus got suspended from PE until he finished a stack of written assignments Coach Melle assigned on the spot. I was sent to the Nurse’s office with an apology (albeit forced) from Jake down on his knees. The sight of him humiliated was worth the nose bleed.

Author's Note: I am trying to write as fast as possible, recording my ideas and what happens in each chapter, therefore some chapter will be extremely undescriptive  and fast and make no sense to anyone but me (and use words...wrongly--see what I mean?) I will eradicate this problem in the 2nd draft.


Chapter 3

Dreamcatcher Ch. 1

I tugged my luggage up the fancy stairs of the girl’s dorm room, heading for the one that I would be living in for the next 2 years. I passed the A’s and B’s, headed to the door at the end of the hall with C1 on it. The dorms are alphabetical; my name is Carter, Cara Carter.
        I raised my hand to knock when the door swung open and a brown-haired girl in the burgundy-red uniform of St. Catherine Academy spared me a hateful glance before pushing me aside and ran out. I watched her disappear down the stairs.
        “You must be Cara.” Said an Irish voice. I turned around. A girlmore like a womanof African descent stood at the door dressed, too, in uniform; white button-down shirt, deep-burgundy skirt and blazer of a lighter shade, white socks, and black shoes. She was tall, nearly six-foot, and was all curves. She seemed grown up. Her eyes held a mischief glint and sisterly wisdom.
        I shook her hand. “Cara; and you are?”
        “Marianna Cate. That was Emma, she’s in an odd mood today, don’t mind her. Come on in.” She gestured me in and closed the door behind me.
        The dorms were like apartmentsor flats. This one opened into a circular hangout space complete with a couch, two armchairs, and sandy-coloured walls. There were six doorways, five of which had doors. The door-less one, I saw, led to an extremely small kitchen/dining room. And the two boxes mom mailed three weeks ago sat to the right.
          “The first door to the right is yours, bathroom is through the kitchen, and the fridge is stocked by the housekeeper, Madame—that’s what we call her and nothing else-- every week. We are responsible for our own breakfast and supper; lunch is at 12: 15, just follow the herd of hungry students to the canteen, any questions?”
          “Bathroom? As in singular?”
          “Yes, I know; one bathroom for four people.”
          “Oh, joy.”
          “Classes start at nine till five-thirty, so you don’t have to wake up too early.” She glanced at the clock hanging above the kitchen entrance, “You have one hour to get ready. Have you eaten?”
          I shook my head.
          “I’ll make you an omelette while you unpack; are you allergic to anything?”
          “Alright, go unpack.” She went into the kitchen.

          “Wow,” I exhaled. My room was small but had midnight blue walls and ceiling with drawn-on constellations. The previous person in this room must’ve redecorated because from what I’ve seen of the school, so far, the cheap, ugly brown paint was all they could afford after building the school.  I unpacked my suitcase of clothes and two boxes of blankets and school supplies, and then grabbed my iPad to check my schedule and memorize the school grounds; I had lost my printed schedule and map somewhere along the way from Netherlands to Ireland. 
           In my closet, there were five skirts, and two blazers and five white dress shirts with the school crest embroidered on it. The school regulations stated that students must be in uniform during school hours except for PE, so I had brought with me two dozen miscellaneous-lengths of white socks, two pairs of black shoe wear,  two pairs of sneakers, and a dozen pants, shorts, and shirts that are not red―the uniforms are enough, thank you very much.
          I dressed and got out of my room. Laid out on the couch was a guy in only boxers, head resting on his hands. The front―main?―door opened and in walked an ethereal blonde, holding some fabric in her arms.
          The guy on the couch jumped up and gathered her in his arms. The two French-kissed and I, feeling awkward, quietly tiptoed into the kitchen.
          “Marianna,” I whispered.
          “Yes, hon?” She replied, not turning around.
          “Please don’t tell me that those two out there with their tongues down each other’s throat are loud at night.”
          “Who? Oh!” She turned around with a plate of omelette and placed it in front of me. “That’s Jill and Aiden out there; sorry I forgot to warn you. It’s a nearly nightly thing but unless you have super hearing you’ll sleep like the dead. They usually just talk and cuddle and sleep.”
          “Why is he in only boxers?”
          “’Cause Jill ripped my clothes off last night,” answered Aiden.
          He―now fully clothed in the boy’s uniform but for the blazer―and Jill sat down beside me at the tiny dining table.
          “Hi, I’m Jill.” She gave me her hand, “Sorry I wasn’t here for the welcome committee; I had to fetch clothes for this beast over here.” She pointed a thumb at Aiden. And he, in turn, grabbed her around the waist and placed wet, slobbery kisses over her neck and face, making her giggle and squeal.
          I smiled, enjoying the couple’s joy, and dug into my breakfast.

          “Pens, check. Notebooks, check. Tablet, check. Water, check.” I recited as I riffled through my bag. “Textbooks, check. Now where’s that map?” It was beside me on the bedside table and I made to grab it but I cut my nails last night so I had to drag and slide it―and it fell. I made to snatch the paper but it floated like a feather to and fro and under the bed. I bent down to get it and spotted something else under the bed. I grabbed the ‘something else’ along with the map of the school.
         It was a yearbook, and it had a page bookmarked. I flipped to that page; a large photo of 2 girls with these words below it: Theresa (Tessa) and Jessica (Jessa) Catherine, tennis, girl’s double, silver medalists at nationals. It probably belonged to one of the previous tenants of this room.

          A knock sounded aT the door. Marianna’s rich voice flowed through the door “Cara, time to head to class.”

          “Okay,” I replied. “Thanks!” I put the map in my bag and the book, too (I might need it) grabbed my blazer and off I went. 

Author's note: there will be grammar, spelling, and plot error. This is the first draft and I will be editing once the book is complete.

Chapter 2

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Casino Royale (James Bond book #1)

By: Ian Fleming
first published April 13th 1953

NOTE: I read--heard--the audio book, so I will be spelling some of the names wrong.

    Before I read Casino Royale I knew only 2 things about James Bond: the way he tended to introduce himself and his number(007). So I went into this story with almost zero expectation--except for excitement, espionage, and some thievery.
    If I had been girl in the 50's, this might have been more exciting. But alas, I am not and nor was the story:

     James is not fond of women. Not in the sense that he is gay but more in the sense of misogyny and extreme prejudice. I was hoping his world view would change, but it did not. 

    Also, while we're on the topic of females, let's talk about Vespa and his 'relationship' with her: Vespa is a double-agent, blackmailed into double-crossing her coworkers, and
very, very stupid. Idiotic! For Pete's sake you've only exchanged a few SENTENCES with each other!; James never noticed anything about her other than her beauty and, apart from the stories about 007 that she'd heard at work, neither does she! This was the worst case of a silent love story I've ever read--and that's saying something.

    Now, this book was probably intended to be about betrayal and gambling more than love and spying (because there was hardly any spying), so I'll let that slide a little and move on to other things I got a problem with. 

     Vespa's "betrayal" : James, yes she told SMERSH about your assignment, and yes, your injuries were partly her fault--though you could have been smarter about where you went after you've pissed off a dangerous criminal man(gambler/man/criminal/what title do I give "Lechiefe(spelling error)"?)--but she never back-stabbed you. Ever. In fact, I remember she killed herself with an over dose because she "loved" you--I saw no reason for her to die or you to say so cruelly "The Bitch is dead, now." Those were literally the last words in the audio book.  

    I'm proud of the pages upon pages that I've read--and you, James and Vespa, were not the brightest cookies I've read so far. 

    I'm hoping your [Jame's] world view changes, eventually, but upon further research all I've found were book covers of scantily clad/sexualized women that, knowing your [James's] prejudices, they make me sick. 

    I didn't like Casino Royale --to say the least--and I really don't understand why others liked it--but then again, espionage (which I saw practically none of in this novel) was never really my thing. The only good thing I can say about Mr. Bond is that he is good at his job--he may be an asshole, but the man gets the job done (with help, of course) and is pretty darn good at hiding things; that is the only good I have to say about him, really. I still want to try to get into espionage and mysteries but Ian Fleming is not what I would recommend to the me 5 hours ago or former middle-school Mystery and Espionage readers--now those books were exciting! 
     Let's see if John Gardner's James Bond series is more exciting and the characters brighter cookies.